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Purge-19 is a Forest Biotic treatment kit which provides you with much needed wild and natural supplements so that you can detoxify, build your immune system and enlist cellular memory which gives you the strength for moving viruses out of your body and then to rebalance your metabolism.

Today we are faced with a heightened awareness about viruses, toxins, vaccines and the medical industrial complex. Within this dynamic we are becoming pressured to abandon longstanding connections to natural medicine and preventative measures that strengthen our immune system.

Natural immunity works and its better than, or equal to, vaccination. Getting infected in the wild will generate immunity. Natural immunity is the keystone for every vaccine to work because vaccines are designed to copy the natural response to the antigens that the disease presents to each of us.

Natural immunity works and vaccines can work as well, however the challenge that vaccines have is that they might be less responsive to variants and to other viruses that begin to surface within the human population, which may differ depending on where you live in the world. This is why we must depend on our natural immunity as a first line of defense against viruses, disease and even toxic pollutants.

Purge-19 is our contribution to the health and nutrition landscape during these difficult times. It is a dedicated supplement regimen which can dovetail with your existing health and wellness activities and can be incorporated into your daily routine. Purge-19 as a wild and natural supplement kit supports immunity, stress response and general health. This step-by-step program includes health tips, nutrition plans and activities which can help you rewild your metabolism.

These products are natural and wildcrafted. Purge-19 includes a variety of blended ingredients which supplements your health and fitness regime. The Purge-19 Treatment Kit includes:

Step 1 - CarbonQ Detox - A natural detox supplement which targets adipose tissue which are found to incubate viruses and hold toxins.

Our CarbonQ Detox Tonic Blend seeks to lower the absorption of microbiome derived toxins and inflammation. The detox purges viruses which may have attached themselves to adipose tissue found in fat cells.

Step 2 – Activator - A viral suppressant.

The Purge-19 Activator blends fermented conifers in order to elevate the release of certain natural wild terpenes and Shikimic Acid which is a biotic starting material for the synthesis of the antiviral known as Tamiflu (this drug combats against the H5N1 influenza virus and is administered to treat and prevent all the known strains of influenza virus).

Step 3 – Stabilizer - A natural rebalance booster.

The Purge-19 Stabilizer features a natural presence of both Berberine and plant-based polyphenols. The underlying therapeutic effects of berberine on influenza-induced viral pneumonia represents the inhibition of viral infection, as well as the improvement of pathogenic changes by repressing inflammatory substance release.

Plant-based polyphenols exhibit beneficial effects on human health because of their anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-atherogenic, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-proliferative, and immunomodulatory properties.

The Stabilizer contributes to regenerating and rebalancing both body and mind which helps in the recovery process and to boost better health.

Pinaceae Biotic Tea

Once the treatment regimen is completed you can maintain your health with an intake of Pinaceae Biotic Tea which helps to regenerate the human immune system and the Shikimic Pathway which represents a conduit for healthy natural life-force.

Your Forest Biotics Health Coach can assist you with important aspects of your supplements, such as how to create “living water” and the importance of having at least a minimal amount of nature in your life. Your Forest Biotics Health Coach can also explain the importance of meaning and purpose and different kinds of breath and bodywork stimulations which can all compliment your Purge-19 treatments.

Find a Forest Biotics Health Coach in your community, sign up for a Purge-19 Treatment Kit and gain access to our password protected Forest Biotic Virtual Clinic which holds treatment guide information and helpful practices which can aid you in building a better immune system and life.

Contact us and we will connect you with a Forest Biotic Health Coach in your area.

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These are powerful botanicals, if you have health sensitivities, food allergies, if you are pregnant or on medication please consult with your health care professional before you try these teas. And please remember steep the tea with boiling water and strain to clear, before serving.
Forest Biotics is a collection of wildcrafted wellness products sourced from pristine sanctuary forests in British Columbia. We have a passion for ecological stewardship and are driven by ethics whereby the health of wild places have a direct relationship to our own body, mind and spirit.