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Forest Biotics is a function of Wildcraft Forest Botanicals. We provide wild plant restoration, propagation, growing and harvesting services under a strict code of ethics that includes our Wildcrafters Promise. 

We provide contract growing and harvesting services to a community of practitioners, makers and researchers who share in our passion for ecological stewardship driven by ethics whereby the health of wild places has a direct relationship to our own body, mind and spirit.

At the Wildcraft Forest our regenerative approach to stewardship serves a model for re-wilding and offers food and health care sectors an opportunity to transition to a “regenerative” approach to business and supply. Our “Mother Tree” system of harvesting contains an Ayurvedic approach, which helps to elevate the nature of wellness within natural formulas.

The plants we harvest within this system are included within our “Mother Tree Dispensaries” which we make available to healthcare and culinary professionals. 

To learn more about our restoration efforts, plant sourcing, contract growing, harvesting and our partners; or to recieve our current plant and product inventory bundle please contact us.

Phone: 250.547.2001
Email: treks(at)uniserve.com

Ask us about becoming a Mother Tree Dispensary! 

Forest Biotics is a collection of wildcrafted wellness products sourced from pristine sanctuary forests in British Columbia. We have a passion for ecological stewardship and are driven by ethics whereby the health of wild places have a direct relationship to our own body, mind and spirit.

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Forest Biotics
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