Forest Biotics
From Wildcraft Forest Botanicals
Forest Biotics represents a collection of wildcrafted wellness products sourced from pristine sanctuary forests in British Columbia. We have a passion for ecological stewardship and are driven by ethics whereby the health of wild places have a direct relationship to our own body, mind and spirit.

Our teas, spices and drink mixes are natural and wild and introduce a healthy diversity into our diet. They are based on biotic factors essential to all life on Earth. Biotic factors are the living components of an ecosystem. They are sorted into three groups: composers or producers; consumers; and decomposers.

Prepared by the Wildcraft Forest our Forest Biotic products have fresh wild flavours that encourage composer energy which represents all of the abundant life-force that the Earth has to offer. Our health claims are simple, they are based on the historical wisdom and findings linked to the whole plants contained within our teas, spices and cocltail mixes.

The teas found in this collection represent the whole plant, carefully hand harvested, naturally dried, hand-crushed, unsifted and then fermented with a prayer and intention.

This effort seeks to introduce the public to the life-force found within a forest; and how a forest can contain different energies and strengths that are associated with Mother Trees.

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